Ultrasonic Gas Meters

Ultrasonic gas meters are sophisticated instruments designed to measure gas flow accurately using ultrasonic waves. These meters operate by emitting ultrasonic pulses through the gas flowing in pipelines. By analyzing the time it takes for these pulses to travel with and against the gas flow, ultrasonic meters calculate the velocity of the gas. This velocity data is then converted into precise volume measurements, ensuring accurate billing and monitoring of gas consumption.

Known for their high accuracy, ultrasonic meters can handle a wide range of flow rates and gas compositions with minimal pressure drop.They are favored for their reliability and low maintenance requirements, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications where precise gas measurement is crucial for efficient energy management and process control.

Explore Our Ultrasonic Gas Meters Range

Intelis 250 Gas Meter

The Intelis 250 Gas Meter offers unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. Building on the proven success of the original Intelis Gas Meter, Intelis 250 Gas Meter features optional pressure sensing with automatic high-pressure safety shutoff.

Intelis 425 Gas Meter

The Intelis 425 Gas Meter is Itron’s higher capacity class offering in ultrasonic solid-state metering. Building on its field-proven predecessor, the Intelis Gas Meter, it continues the trend of unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and flexibility.