ERT - Encoder Receiver Transmitter

ERT (Encoder Receiver Transmitter) in gas meters refers to a device that encodes the gas meter's readings and transmits this data wirelessly to a receiver, typically used by utility companies for remote reading. Here’s an overview of its functions and benefits:

    Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) : ERTs enable automatic meter reading, eliminating the need for manual readings and reducing human error.
    Data Transmission : The encoded meter data is transmitted wirelessly to a mobile or fixed network receiver, which collects the readings for billing and monitoring purposes.
    Customer Convenience : ERTs provide accurate billing based on actual usage rather than estimates, leading to better customer satisfaction.
    Real-Time Monitoring : Utility companies can access real-time usage data, helping in better resource management and timely detection of issues such as leaks or tampering.
    Efficiency and Cost Savings : By automating the reading process, ERTs save time and operational costs for utility providers, enhancing overall efficiency.

ERT technology thus improves the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of gas metering systems, benefiting both utility providers and customers.

Check our ERT Lineup

100G ERT® module

The 100G ERT® module enables utilities to streamline operational processes, reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with detailed consumption information. The module increases confidence in data privacy and system control with new levels of enhanced security.

Gen5 500G ERT Module

The Gen™5 500G ERT® Module delivers advanced functionality such as meter reading, high flow alarms, interval data and remote firmware download to improve safety and gas operations. It expands Itron's proven ERT portfolio and is compatible with Itron Gen5 industrial IoT networks.

Itron Cellular 500G Module

The Itron Cellular 500G module is an IPv4 open standards-based gas module featuring cellular and radio frequency (RF) capability, delivering the most flexibility in reading options of any Itron gas module.With new features for network operation - like firmware download, sub-hourly interval data.

OpenWay Riva 500G ERT

The OpenWay® Riva™ 500G ERT® module is an IPv6 open-standards based gas module that offers the most flexible RF reading option of any Itron gas module.Itron’s OpenWay Riva 500G ERTmodule offers additional value while continuing to offer the highest in reliability, accuracy, battery life.