EVC - Electronic Volume Corrector

An Electronic Volume Corrector (EVC) is essential in gas metering systems to ensure accurate measurement of natural gas usage. It adjusts the volume of gas recorded by meters to standard pressure and temperature conditions (14.73 psia and 60°F), compensating for variations that affect gas density. This correction is vital for precise billing and regulatory compliance, achieved through algorithms that convert measured volumes to standardized values reflecting ideal conditions. EVCs integrate advanced electronics for real-time data processing, enhancing accuracy and enabling efficient gas flow management across distribution networks.

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The Adem-PTZ is a compact electronic module for gas metering that integrates with rotary meters like Romet. It adjusts gas volume in real-time for Pressure, Temperature, and Supercompressibility (Z), with easy installation, comprehensive data logging, multiple outputs, serial communication, and up to 15 years battery life for reliable remote operation.


An electronic counter module with the capability for live Temperature compensation. The Adem-T is a direct mount module for seamless integration with Romet and other popular rotary meters. Some features of the Adem-T include a full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication and a 20 year nominal battery life.


The Adem-PTZ-r provides the robust features of the Adem-PTZ but in a compact remote mount variation. In the remote mount configuration, the Adem-PTZ-r can function as a pressure and temperature recorder to monitor local gas distribution and to electronically monitor pressure and temperature in the gas distribution and transmission grid.


The Adem-Tq combines our time tested product design of, one size fits all, temperature compensating, auditable features, with the addition of the ability to monitor the health of the meter over it’s lifecycle. This improves operational cost savings by removing the need for manual meter verifications, providing a complete history of how the meter performs.

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