Meter Refurbishment & Recalibration

Meter refurbishment and recalibration are essential processes aimed at maintaining and enhancing the accuracy and functionality of measurement meters used across various industries. Refurbishment involves thorough inspection, repair, and replacement of components to restore the meter to optimal condition. This includes replacing worn-out parts, cleaning internal components to remove contaminants, and conducting initial tests to assess functionality. Recalibration, on the other hand, focuses on adjusting the meter to meet precise accuracy standards through comparison with known calibration standards and making necessary adjustments to ensure reliable and accurate measurements. Together, these processes ensure that meters perform efficiently, providing trustworthy data crucial for operational and regulatory compliance in industrial and scientific applications.

Steps involved in meter refurbishment and recalibration:


Upon arrival, each meter undergoes a meticulous inspection for any defects. Following this, they are subjected to a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization process. Utilizing a high-pressure washing system with concentrated water jets, we ensure each meter is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.


Each meter is coated with a proprietary industrial grey paint designed to enhance weather resistance and durability, while also providing a professional appearance. This specialized coating ensures the meters can withstand harsh environmental conditions, maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time.


The repair process includes a thorough meter tune-up, replacement of any worn or damaged parts, and incorporation of customer-requested additions. Prior to painting, each meter undergoes rigorous leak testing to guarantee optimal performance and safety, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Meters undergo rigorous verification and re-verification processes to meet Measurement Canada's stringent standards. This ensures the highest levels of accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing that each meter performs to the utmost precision required by industry regulations.


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